Information regarding Coarse garbage room

Recently, the cost of bulky waste exploded when the order of the rules are not followed. Annually, it costs large sums. Money we can spend on other things that are better for everyone. Unfortunately, it will, if it continues to result in the charge / rent will be increased for all then this is not followed.


Coarse refuse rooms are not designed for waste generated by the renovation / reconstruction of the apartment, paint, oils, etc.

Major waste example. beds, furniture, sofas, or appliances should also be taken away himself. It thrown be fit in vessels.

Debris that is outside the coarse waste room disfigure the area and is costly to find out, the cost of which will have to pay.


HOURS OF ROUGH ON garbage room Ornövägen pm. 18: 00-19: 00 non-holiday Wednesday and noon. 17: 00-18: 00 Sundays.  


You who smoke outdoors –


Remember that it not looks attractive with cigarette butts everywhere, keep in mind that small children and pets can be curious about everything that is on the ground. Have your own ashtray. Do not leave cigarette butts – not even in the ashtray or a can.

Throw nor butts from windows or balconies when the first, litter, and also could end up in a neighbor’s balcony / in through the open window and cause both discomfort and risk of fire. For everyone’s comfort, it is important that we think of our outdoor environment by keeping clean and neat outdoors. We throw e.g. no cigarette butts, snuff or other debris in the yard or outside our entrances.

Also keep in mind that you are responsible for cleaning up what you or eg your guests at a celebration dropping / throwing from the balcony. Many do not want to see out of, for example, cigarette butts, beer cans and other debris that has rained down from the neighbor’s party Alt been left at the barbecue places.  


Together we own and manage the house where we live, and together we make our accommodation pleasant. Together, we can all contribute to the good community and economy of our association. If we can avoid unnecessary costs, it is good for all and remember that the outdoor environment clean and not bunch of junk is outside the refuse rooms gives the area and the apartments a higher value! Our goal as a board is to create pleasant and economically sensible conditions and keep costs down for all of us who live in the area Brf Sockerbiten. But for that to be possible needed your efforts.